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Integrate Your Atlassian Toolset to Enable Collaboration


Unlock the power to collaboration

Agile is the most widely adopted software development methodology in the world, ever. Its core principles focus on individuals and interactions, customer collaboration, the ability to respond to change, and delivering working product. The common thread in all these values is collaboration. 

In this guide we will:

  • dive deep into Agile’s core value of collaboration and offer practical solutions to ensuring collaboration remains key in the Agile organization.
  • fortify the need for a collaboration portal where executives, product owners, scrum masters, team members and functional managers can come together in one place to collaborate and stay informed.
  • explain the value of collaboration and provide practical ‘how-to’ tips on a best practice implementation of Atlassian’s Confluence and Jira for Agile teams, which are designed to make everyone successful. 
  • walk through the full lifecycle process from content management through workload development and Portfolio Product Management planning — providing specific examples and steps along the way.